Myofascial Release therapy is a whole body treatment that recognises that tightness and restrictions in one area of the body affects the entire movement pattern.  Our bodies maintain the most efficient posture and movement patterns available to us.  When a more efficient posture can be achieved using Myofascial Release therapy, energy increases and pain decreases.

Our brains recognise our current posture, muscle tension, and movement patterns as being “normal” not necessarily as efficient or pain free.  Myofascial Release therapy requires a re-education of the central nervous system to accept the new posture and muscle tension as better and less painful.

At the end stage of treatment, the brain recognises the new posture and muscle tension as better, less painful and more energy efficient.  When this occurs, change is maintained, the old posture is recognised as inefficient and painful while the new posture in more efficient and not (or less) painful.


Myofascial Release

  • 60 minutes – $75
  • 90 minutes – $110

Payment Method

  • Cash and Eftpos
  • HICAPS available
  • Health fund rebates may apply.
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